Replacing a Serpentine Belt Tensioner Assembly on a 2004 Toyota Camry

Removing a broken tensioner assembly on a 2004 Toyota Camry is not very difficult, but you do need to raise the engine to get to one of the bolts. The tensioner assembly holds the drive belt, or serpentine belt, in place, driving the alternator, Air Conditioning, and other components. A diagram for the serpentine belt is also included in this how to guide.

Cleaning the MAF Sensor and Replacing O2 Sensor on Mazda B4000

When the check engine light comes on, a dirty Mass Air Flow Sensor or bad Oxygen Sensor is a common cause. Checking and cleaning a MAF Sensor can save several hundred dollars and is very easy. Replacing a bad Oxygen Sensor is also a quick fix

How to Change Your Spark Plugs

Replacing your spark plugs is an easy way to save some money and ensure that your car or truck remains in good repair. A bad spark plug can cause a lot of damage and they are relatively inexpensive and very easy to replace. The condition of your old spark plugs can also tell you a lot about your engine.

How to Change Your Oil

Changing your own oil is a very easy basic car maintenance task, which not only saves money but guarantees that the job is done right with quality parts. It is fairly simple to do, but if you do it improperly, you could risk damaging your motor. So, this guide provides the basics on changing your motor oil.

Basic Small Engine No Start Diagnostics

Often, fixing a lawnmower or other small engine comes down to understanding how to diagnose a non-starting motor. This is why understanding how a motor works can make troubleshooting much easier.