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I have been writing online for some time and mainly focus on health issues, including news events and diseases, like diabetes. I also enjoy writing about Linux and other open source software.

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Arthritis and its Effects on Seniors
Posted Under:Health

Arthritis is a family of diseases that can affect people of all ages. Often, those who first hear about this type of rheumatoid disorder consider it to be something that only is found in the elderly. This is largely because seniors are the most at risk age group for arthritis, with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis being the most common kinds of senior arthritis.

Living With Arthritis Pain
Posted Under:Health

Arthritis can be a very serious disease that there is no cure for. To reduce reliance on medicine and help improve quality of life, reducing the difficulty of activities of daily living can be very important.

Will Food Taxes Be Enough to Get People to Eat Healthy?
Posted Under:Health

In a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, researchers set forth to analyze existing studies on food price as it relates to demand, in an effort to better understand the relationship that an increase or decrease in food cost causes. This study is important, as it helps provides an indication of the effect of food taxes, such as a soda tax, and how they could influence people to eat healthier.

Understanding the Lower Rate of Autism in Hispanic Children In Texas
Posted Under:Health

A study recently set forth to determine why school districts in Texas with higher Hispanic populations had lower rates of autism. It was found that diagnosis of autism was lower in Hispanics than whites. In white children, differences in autism diagnostics were found to be related to population density, economic status, and the number of health care providers in the area, but this relationship was not found in Hispanic Children.

Study Finds Environmental and Socioeconomic Factors are Related to Senior Health
Posted Under:Health

In a study of the rapidly aging Chinese Population, it was found that the condition of the environment and economic status are both tied to the health of the elderly. Further, improving the condition of the environment, which includes reducing air pollution, could drastically reduce the rate of disease across the world.