Popular Fishes to Catch When Fly Fishing


are a great number of different types of fishing, but fly fishing is usually considered one of the most graceful and beautiful kinds. It is also extremely efficient, allowing the fly fisherman to use bait that would be too small and delicate for use with most other kinds of fishing.

One of the major components of fly fishing is the cast. It is possible to cast the hook to the places the fish like most, such as a few feet from cover and when it is time to recast, the line does not need to be reeled in. Instead, it is simply lifted up out of the water, in a fashion similar to using a whip, and repositioned.

There are two basic types of fly fishing; Coldwater Fly Fishing and Warmwater Fly Fishing

Coldwater Fly Rod Fish

Trout are one of the most common coldwater fishes that are caught when fly fishing. This is because their diet is mostly that of insects and crustaceans, which can be easily imitated with a flie. Trouts are also partial to smaller streams and rivers, so it is usually easy to catch them. When they are in larger lakes, trout again are easier to catch, as they usually stay in an area within range of the fly fisherman.

Steelheads, which are a type of ocean ranging rainbow trout, are very popular with fly fisherman. The steelhead vary in size from 3 pounds to 30 pounds and can put up a big fight. They usually enter the rivers and streams from the Pacific Ocean.

Another popular coldwater fish is the Atlantic Salmon, which can weigh up to 50 pounds. Atlantic Salmon enter from the Atlantic Ocean and are very common in the summer, spring, and even fall. Winter Altlantic Salmon will usually only take a fly if it is sunk, although Summer Atlantic Salmon will strike a fly when it is near the surface.

Pacific Salmon are another popular fish, although they are not always thought of as a fly rod fish.

Warmwater Fly Fishing

One of the most popular warmwater fish among fly fisherman is the bass. Largemouth bass can be found all over the country, but are most often associated with the southern states, where they grow their largest.

One of the reasons bass are so popular is that they tend to be fairly aggressive when it comes to feeding and are also reckless, which are both good traits when it comes to fishing. While they often feed on small fish, baby ducks, frogs, mice, and insects, the bass is not too discriminating and will often strike at things that do not even look like food.

Crappie and bluegill are also popular fish, which have a diet that is similar to trout, so it is easy to create an attractive fly.

Creating the Right Fly

With the exception of largemouth bass, it is necessary to create a fly that mimicks the food source of the fish you are fishing for. It is possible to purchase premade flies or tie them yourself. While the purpose of the fly is to look similar to a fishes food source, it does not have to be very precise, with the focus usually being on general shape and color.

Flies take many shapes and forms, but they usually are made to resemble some sort of insect. However, they can also be made to resemble mice, frogs, or small fish.

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